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  1. I know this is a LONG SHOT - but here are the XC bikes I want(all, or parts):

    1) 2006 Cannondale F4000SL Optimo BB30 - Medium
    2) 2000 Cannondale F5000SL CAAD5 - Small
    3) 1996 Cannondale F2000 CAD2 - Medium(Alison Sydor WC model)
    4) 2002 Cannondale F3000SL CAAD5 - Small(will trade Medium I have)
    5) 2008 Cannondale Taurine Team Vredestein - Medium
    6) 2004 Cannondale F1000SL CAAD5 SoBe Team - Medium
    7) 2003 Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra BBQ Black - Medium
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  2. Mascellani

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    I´m going to copy your list. I want then too. :D
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  3. I have a f2000 wc issue in medium I think , let me know
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  4. I'm trying to upload pics , but my connection sucks. I have pics posted in San Diego Craigslist under " very rare bike " it's set up like your profile pic , you can call or text me at (760)201-6436 thanks
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  5. I left you a VM.

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