Help with Cannondale Synapse serial number

Discussion in 'What is my unknown Cannondale?' started by Davidbyter, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. What the heck do these numbers mean: Q908289 600000/blk B1-0302.

    I think my bike was built in 2005 and its black but besides that????

    My crankset went belly-up. The threads for my right pedal broke loose from the crank arm. Pedal still can be mounted but is very loose. Local bike shop said it can't be fixed. They want $500 for a new carbon crankset! Trying to find alternatives. like a used crankset. Any help out there?
  2. Brian

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    the SN that starts with Q, is it a bar code? if so, it would be a 2005.

    have you looked thru '05 catalog?

    as for the crank, any crank will work. It is up to you what you would like to run. Look online for prices of the crank. And remember the shop will charge labor to install.
  3. Yes Q908289 is a bar code but any idea what the other numbers are?
    I guess my bike was made in 2005 for the 2006 offerings.
    My LBS was concerned with the spindles or axels fitting the frame. Their holding my bike hostage until they figure it out!
    They strongly recommend not riding because of safety, pedal could snap off.
    Ideal solution would be replacement of the damage crank arm but I've been told its not possible
    Thanks for the reply
  4. Replace with proper Hollowgram Si cranks. I got a set. PM me...
  5. Brian

    Brian New Member Staff Member

    Awesome! :)
  6. This may be resolved by now, but there were at least 3 black Synapse models in 2006, both carbon and AL. Cranks varied from TruVativ to 105 to Dura Ace to SI. Guessing you have the SI but there are plenty of other options.
  7. zanetti

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    An suggestion to cdale :why not put the serial code numbers in another part of the frames more clean and visible (carbon )as the alloy frames could receive directly on the bb area as the 2000 models ...

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