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Discussion in 'What is my unknown Cannondale?' started by Rensol20, Aug 28, 2017.

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    I'm completely unfamiliar with Cannondale bicycles but I thought this bike is way cool. The simplicity of the bike is really appealing. I guess the restorer in me is curious about the bike.

    I did some quick research on Cannondale while at the store but really couldn't come up with anything so I'm wondering whether it is a genuine or a fake. I didn't check for a serial number under the frame. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! IMG_20170828_141756.jpg IMG_20170828_141741.jpg IMG_20170828_141756.jpg IMG_20170828_141741.jpg IMG_20170828_141750.jpg IMG_20170828_141826.jpg IMG_20170828_141926.jpg
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    I think that could be a 1991 SM800. I don't think it's any newer as I'm pretty sure 1991 was the last year that quick releases were used on the seatpost. Later frames had seat collars. Stem looks right and Jade Green was a color option for the 1991 SM800. Model number is probably under the Hawaii sticker but you might pull some paint off removing it (or it could already be gone).
  4. Ever figure the year out based on the serial number? If I took a guess I don't think that is a 1991 sm800. The top tube doesn't slope enough. Maybe a later m800? Really cool bikes though and a blast to ride. Fix'er up and go for a ride. :)

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