2000 F700SX

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  1. Hey all, picked up another bike off CL last week. Serial number comes back as a 2000, but I don't see it in the catalog for that year. My other Cannondales all seem to be in the catalogs, but I'm confused as to why this one wasn't. Anyway, I'll probably rotate it in for some rides once I clean it up and go through everything.

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    volvo colors , such a nice bike , braappppp .
  3. Nice find, looks to be all original. Wondering if it could have been a mid-year introduction that didn't make the catalog, or perhaps a Euro model. How does the spec compare to the F900SX and F700?
  4. Yeah, that's a possibility. I bought it from the original owner and he bought it from a shop in CO. It is completely original down to grips and tires...think the guy only rode it a handful of times on paved trails. It is spec'd pretty similar to my F900SX, but the Lefty is a different model and it has Magura Clara brakes instead of the CODA brakes that were on the F900SX.

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