1999 F900

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  1. I picked up the bike at a second hand store.

    Coda Brakes. I know generally how hydraulic brakes work. I have motorcycles.

    Is there an owner's manual or videos on exactly how these work, how they come apart? Is that large piece on the outside a bolt? What is the tool to remove it?

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  2. I believe that outside piece is the adjustment for the pad, clockwise to bring the pad closer to the rotor. Coda is a sealed system so that adjustment is necessary unlike a motorcycle that is an open system and self adjusting.
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    What information are you looking for? they probably need a good bleed.
  4. one side of the rear caliper is frozen.
    Generally I want to make them work better. Do you know what tool is used on that outside bolt. It looks like a massive Torx bolt. I guess that adjusts the pads. what does the screw on the inside do?
  5. If I can't just make some adjustments to fix it I think it is better to buy new. I've seen this caliper for $15. It's just not worth fixing.

    Shimano xt8000 I've heard goes on well. I'm sure there are others. I know very little about this stuff.
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    I would agree. The CODA are hard to find pads. If it's to ride newer brakes are much better. If you want to keep it time period. Find another set non CODA.
  7. the inside pad is fixed, the outside pad is actuated by the piston, both inner and outer pads should be adjusted as close to the rotor as possible with out them rubbing. The codas are good when dialed in correctly. If they feel firm and you just have no grip, pads may be contaminated, grinding obviously means they are worn out.

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