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  1. Hi All !

    I have just started a restoration project of a 1988 SR700 Black Lightning. It is a size 53 and I´m trying to find the Tange CroMo fork for it but I´m not sure of the headpost max/min length.

    I tried this link: http://vintagecannondale.com/tech/Maximum_Fork_Length_EN.pdf which I hope it contains all the info I needed, but the link doesn´t work.

    Does anyone have the pdf or the information about that headpost length for the bicycle mentioned above?

    Thank you!
  2. Brian

    Brian New Member Staff Member

    Hello, the link has been fixed. If you are looking for a fork, it will probably be from eBay or post in the wanted. 1" forks are getting harder to find.

    for the length, just measure the bottom of the headset, to the top of the headset with a spacer or so.
  3. The steerer tube on my 1988 54.5 cm SR800 measures 155 mm. You should be good with a fork with about 150mm or longer. You can always cut a fork that's too long. If it's not threaded down far enough, a good bike shop will be able to extend the threads.

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