wanted 89/90 touring fork 1"

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted, Cannondale Wanted' started by Brian, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

    looking for a 1" touring fork like this....

    IMG_2013.JPG IMG_2012.JPG
  2. black lightning 1987

    black lightning 1987 New Member

    NW IL
    Is that fork different from the Tange forks used on earlier touring bikes? I looked for one of them for a long time with no luck. Ended up using a Kinesis CX fork with P clips for the rack. Friend did a 1,000 mile fully loaded trip with it and had no problems. You might consider having a framebuilder add rack bosses to a Tange road fork. Rake will be off a bit but the rake difference didn't cause a handling problem with the Kinesis.

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