Vintage Team Cannondale Racing Pics

Discussion in 'Open Cannondale Discussion' started by Len, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Len

    Len New Member

    Hey all,
    Came across these pics in a box the other day and thought I'd share. My brother and I went to the NORBA/Grundig races in Mt. Snow, VT a few summers in a row and I think these pics are from ~June 1994(?) I also have a Team Cannondale poster signed by some of the team members(Tinker, Missy, etc.) as well, but I will have to find it. Good shot of Tinker and Johnny T!! Enjoy!
    EDIT-Reattached pictures
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  2. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

    repost the pics. :)
  3. Len

    Len New Member

    Hey guys, I've reuploaded the pics...let me know if you all can see them!

    Also showed these pics to my brother and he reminded me of a cool story from this trip... We were roaming the pits early one morning and a guy was going around to everyone asking for a Torx tool, my brother replied that he had one and the guy told him to bring it by the Cannondale truck later. That guy turned out to be Steve Gravenites (Gravy) and he needed the tool to rebuild Tinker's pedals.

    Fun times!
  4. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

    Cool photo, I would have love to seen tinker back in the day.
  5. roKWiz

    roKWiz New Member

    I took this photo back in 1998 ? 1999 ? at the worlds in Sydney, Australia.
    Cadels team F series in front with Tinker sitting in the background.

    tinker and cadels bikes.jpg

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