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Discussion in 'What is my unknown Cannondale?' started by sendtotum, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Dear sir,

    I've got a question regarding my old Jekyll 600. I wonder if it is the model that was recalled by Cannondale.


    I have had this bicycle since 2005 when I bought it from a bicycle store on Reseda Blvd., Northridge, California. That time I didn't know much about Cannondale. The shop owner told me that it was an old model and he was selling it at discount price. So I went for it. For almost two years I rode it on streets, dirt roads, and some single tracks on Santa Monica mountain and Rocky Peak near Simi Valley. I actually love this bicycle and didn't have problem with it.

    Then I moved to Thailand and didn't have a chance to ride it for almost 10 years. Now I want to ride it again and plan to get its headshok serviced. I started to google about this Jekyll model and found a couple people saying this is 2001 Jekyll that its rear swingarm has been recalled by Cannondale due to the risk to crack.

    Could you please confirm whether it is a recalled model? What should I do now besides abandon it? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    It does appear to be circa 2001 judging by the decal style. Catalog doesn't show red but it's not unusual to see non catalog colors on Cannondales. I don't know anything about the recall. If your original dealer is out of business or no longer sells Cannondale, I'd contact another long time dealer like Helen's Cycles in LA. Otherwise, I'd search online for pics of the area that cracks and inspect your swingarm.

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