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  1. Len

    Len New Member

    Hey all,
    Figured we could use a thread to introduce ourselves and welcome new members!

    My name is Len and I currently live in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I'm originally from western Pennsylvania and started mountain biking in the early 90s. I have owned several different brands of bikes over the years, but Cannondale has always been my favorite and I still have a few Bedford made bikes that I ride on a regular basis:
    -1998 XS800
    -2000 F900SX
    -2000 F700SX
    -2008 Prophet 2
    I'll try to get pics posted to my profile soon...
    Nice to meet you all and I really enjoy seeing all the awesome bikes you have been posting in the gallery!
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  2. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

    Welcome Len, add your collection in the gallery! :cool:
  3. Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I live in Milwaukee, WI. I began riding in 1991 with the purchase of my first Cannondale, a 20" black and orange SM800. I rode this bike until the components turned to dust and then rebuilt with modern(*gasp*) Shimano Deore XT components for her second life. Still my favorite bike of all time, still the bike I would keep if I could only have one, still the bike that makes me feel like a kid again when I ride. I just picked up another 1991 SM800 frameset, bars, stem, seat post sized 18" in metallic green that will be given the same treatment. I'd love to have one with original gear but they don't seem to pop up often in my area and I definitely a thing for the 1991 model year's paint jobs. Anyway, I hope my mix of new and old doesn't offend the purists as I assure you the love is real. Nice to meet you all and can't wait to view some killer bikes!
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  4. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    I'm Chuck from Minnesota. I bought my first Cannondale a Black Lightning new in 1988. Still have it. Just found a 1990 Athena that i wanted back when it was new, but could not get the right frame size.
    The most interesting Cannondale I have is a CADD 4 R4000 with the original Mavic Mechtronics shifter. Still works.
    Will post some pics when I get a chance.
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  5. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

  6. Victor1977

    Victor1977 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am Victor, 40 yrs old and living in Amsterdam Netherlands. In this city of bicycles I did not touch a bicycle for years but now I found my love for them again and the last 2 years I managed to find some older Cannondale models. Just love to take them apart, fix them where needed etc.

    I own:
    Delta V 1500 from arround 93 (1st edition ones with the aluminum cups and the delta v shok fork)
    M800 beast of the east from arround 93
    F2000SL with a lefty from arround 2004
    Bad boy Rigid from 2012

    I also have a F400 from 94 but this one is going to be sold soon I guess.

    other brands: '89 Panasonic MC4500 and a Trek 950 from early 90's
  7. black lightning 1987

    black lightning 1987 Member

    NW IL
    Hey Mike,

    I have a black/orange 1991 SM800 frameset in the basement. Believe it's a 20".
    I might come up to the swap in Madison next weekend if the weather's not too bad. Could bring it along if you will be there and want to see it.

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