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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself to the Community' started by roKWiz, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. roKWiz

    roKWiz New Member

    I enjoyed viewing the original vintage cannondale website back a few years ago but lost interest when it went to facebook. Good to see it back. I'm still reading all the posts.
    I'm a avid collector of anything Super V and own 6 bikes from 1995 upto 2001, I also have a couple of other Cannondales, 2004 F series and a 2003 Jeckyll.
    One of my favourite bikes is a large frame '97 V1000 (Ubber) and regularly MTB in the forests around the North East of Victoria. (SE Australia)
    Very hot at the moment but it didn't stop me taking Ubber out. I get some picture up if anyone is interested in some of my bikes.

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  2. Brian

    Brian Member Staff Member

    Welcome. The site is all 3... facebook included. post your ride in the gallery, and welcome to the community. :)
  3. roKWiz

    roKWiz New Member

    Thanks Brian for the welcome,
    I was listed long ago as rokguy with a couple of my bikes in the original gallery.

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