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Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Kevin E, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Kevin E

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    I was hoping to get some help coming up with the name of the part I am looking for. I recently bought a 1997 T900 that someone had converted to friction shifters at some point. The friction shifters are mounted on the down tube at a point where, from what I can tell in pictures, it looks like a cable mount used to be. The brifters are still attached, and according to the seller still work. They don't click, so I imagine they may take a little work to get going again, but RJ the Bike Guy has some great videos on his youtube channel to repair those.

    Before I take the time to break those down and see if they can be fixed I wanted to make sure I can find the cable mounts I need. I'm not sure if that's even the correct name or where to look for theses, any help would be awesome.
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    NW IL
    I'm not sure if Shimano made these with a flat back side as they did for the Cannondale downtube shifter mounts, but these will work for you.!61345!US!-1

    I'm running them on a similar vintage Cannondale road frame. You will have some small sliver moon gaps where the concave surface is, but they will work fine. If the gaps bother you you can look at all the ebay listings and perhaps find some with flat backs.
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    Thanks! I'll give these a look.
  4. Chuck

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    Regarding the concave space where the new stops meet the flat part of the frame boss, you can just file the protruding corners off the new set of stops. I did this on my touring frame years ago. If you are careful it looks like the part was made for the frame.

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