beautiful frame what is it

Discussion in 'What is my unknown Cannondale?' started by cdryjanski, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. found in the garbage a ladies road frame in the garbage. full ultegra and needs cranks and a derailleur hangar. it is light green with dragonflies, leaves , flowers and Chinese lettering on the seat tube. any ideas what it is?
  2. it's likely a 2006 R1000 ladies frame. I've seen that paint job and it's pretty cool.
  3. Brian

    Brian New Member Staff Member

    Is there a photo?
  4. zanetti

    zanetti New Member

    photos needed to identify that frame .
  5. That sounds right, especially if it says Optimo on the top tube. There was a similarly painted (white with aqua/blue flowers and such) CAAD9 frame that came out a couple (or so) of years later. I picked one up used for a neighbor about a year ago. I can check the serial number for year if needed.

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