1998 Super V, 700? IDK

Discussion in 'What is my unknown Cannondale?' started by Shackkat, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Shackkat

    Shackkat New Member

    I picked up this beauty today. I can’t wait to get the right seat and tune it up for a spin.
    Can anyone help me with the exact model?
    The serial number starts with JB, so I know it’s a 1998. Here’s a couple of pictures-

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  2. black lightning 1987

    black lightning 1987 Member

    NW IL
    I couldn't find a front disc/rear V brake model in the 1998 catalog, or a Super V with that fork. My guess is that it was built up from a frameset. The Super V 1000 was available in Iris Blue with yellow decals, but the catalog says yellow swingarm.

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