1990 SM700 (?) bone stock besides rear rim, handlebars and grips

Discussion in 'What is the value of my Cannondale?' started by Stevie, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Stevie

    Stevie New Member

    Hoorn, Netherlands
    Hi Guy and Gals,

    After a load of researching I have here what I am quite sure is a 1990 SM700 in black/lime.

    Reasons why 1990:
    Framenumber says 90.
    "Competition series 3.0" decal top tube and no type id number anywhere.

    Reasons of doubt it is 1990:
    "Cannondale" decal not on toptube but on sloping tube (??? weird)

    Reason why SM700 and not SM800 (dude is there any difference besides what I am going to mention??? Really curious about that)
    The seatpost pump.

    Parts are all stock! Besides the rear rim (replaced), handlebars and grips (have tioga grips from 1990 that would be right on right?)

    Posted on retrobike too, no answers yet.

    Now some pics :D[​IMG][/IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. black lightning 1987

    black lightning 1987 Member

    NW IL
    I think you have it right. Cannondale switched the brand decal to the down tube for 1991, so perhaps yours is a late 1990 model. It's also not unusual for bikes sold in Europe to differ in details from the USA models. The 1991 SM700 was very nearly the same as the 1990. Ritchey rims were a different model and color being the main difference. The 1991 frames lacked the "Competition Series" decals, had a model decal in nearly the same spot. The SM800 was a different frame, had the higher bottom bracket and a sloping top tube. Also had a U brake in 1990.
  3. Stevie

    Stevie New Member

    Hoorn, Netherlands
    Hi Lightning! yeah also think a late model or a Europe version or something of the likes.

    Forgot that the SM800 had a U-Brake and heard about the sloping toptube.

    Any idea what the value would be?
  4. Victor1977

    Victor1977 New Member

    Lovely bike Stevie (Saw him for sale somewhere on a dutch site hehe), probably something to keep unless you need the cash or want something different to replace it.

    Difficult to say what value could be. It's without doubt a rare bike but if you do not find someone who gives it the proper value then it will be difficult to tell. If I was looking for another dale I would probably give arround 150 max for it. But it might be worth a lot more to someone else.
  5. black lightning 1987

    black lightning 1987 Member

    NW IL
    If I owned it, it would take more than $150 to get it away from me.
  6. Stevie

    Stevie New Member

    Hoorn, Netherlands
    I figured I will keep it around for a while longer. Going to sell of some other bikes (still sadly :p). Will probably convert it to road usage so I will ride it :) Even if I get 200 euro for it, I figure its value will only go up from now on. I really need one of those Cannondale trailers for my dog, that would be one awesome combo :D
  7. roKWiz

    roKWiz New Member

    A very nice bike, can not really tell from the pictures but does it have horizontal chain stays ?
    I had a 90 ??? mauve coloured Beast of the East with 13in BB height, U / roller cam brakes, sloping top tube and long (high) headtube which I modified for the road with drop bars and Suntour accushift levers (remember them).
    I'll post a picture if I find it.

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