Super V 900 FR

  • This is my owned from new 1997 Super V 900 Free Ride, purchased 1st quarter 1998. This is a limited edition bike I'm unaware of it being sold outside of the UK maybe someone knows more. Rumor at the time of purchase was less than 20 were available It's rare! Will confuse many Dale heads as they try to place and date the kit (never appeared in a catalogue).

    Frame and swing arm all original in factory paint. Pictures included to show decal's that help date it. Frame year is Sept 1997 with some extra letters and numbers not shown in the serial number guide BI-0302 next to year info. Frame code 7XLA5WL. Fabrication shop order 234899 sequence number 11297.

    It came with the first gen Head Shock MOTO FR forks with flame decals (similar shown in 98 cat). These were recalled within 2 months due to disc mount failures. The set now on the bike are the original replacements sent from Cannondale. Rear shock is the Original Fox Vanilla R coil over, spring is Original Fox #850 150.

    Original Shimano Red DX kit still on the bike and in use, Flat SPD's, V brakes and levers. Original CODA stem and Azonics hadlebar and LX front mech.

    Changes from delivered spec. Current XT drive chain apart from front mech (must be at least on it's 4th group set). It's a bike thats been ridden once a week for over 13 years! So gone are the red wave twist grip shifters (a nightmare from new needed servicing every 3 rides) CODA seat pin and saddle (in red and yellow) CODA cranks, hubs and ahead set, cassette, chain rings, grips, CD Ceramic rims mavic rims and IRC Missile tyres (all fell apart about a decade ago apart from the tyres that went on for ever)

    88+ Aid unseized the forks 2 years ago.... first major work apart from a service ever! New bb required and the front mech could well need replacing. Rear ceramic swing arm bearings and shock bushings are required as there's a small amount of play in the back end (replaced shock bushings once but never the ceramic bearings). I'm replacing it with a new bike summer 2011 but it's not going into retirement. Planning to take her on some retro bike rides once she's fighting fit again. She's currently being ridden at least once a week on 3-4 hr cross county rides or 2 hr bike park/trail thrashes!

    Been a fantastic bike costing £2100 new, was featured (not a review) if memory serves me in MBUK before it went on sale as the first ever FreeRide factory bike.


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