Super V 500

  • Fully restored and saved from Hell! found this v500 in 2012 for $300 in crap looking and sitting in garage full of water and dirt but it was solid rider so i took it home for $280 (One or Two parts is that price so wasn't a Huge Risk) and the fun started...I spent a month and a half with 4 days a week taking it apart and rebuilding... since then i been doing mods and tweaks every summer, i think I'm 98% done to where i feel it's good and ready but who knows? lol

    Updated 2015 Rebuild Specs:

    Converted to 10 Speed with

    1: SLX M660 Shifters
    2: XT Rear Derailleur
    3: Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 Speed Road Cassette
    4: New/Used Hollowtech II Crankset rebuild with Storm Gray Metallic Paint: Deore FC-M542
    5: Got a new Hollowtech II BB and ordered Ceramic Ball Bearings for it
    6: Finally! New bike Pedals.. Amen!
    7: I need a new gooood seat post! Next step

    Thanks to Junno from upstate for all the help and Pics soon to come!
    Updated 2014 Rebuild Specs:

    Front Suspension: Rock Shox Tora 318 Front Shock : Mod to 140mm Travel
    Rear Suspension: 6\" Fox Float RP23 Rear Shock
    Coda Cracks with new Cannondale Chainrings
    Origin 8 Pro Bottom Bracket (220 Grams, Smooth)
    Shimano LX Rear Derailleur with aluminum orange pulleys
    Shimano SLX Front Derailleur
    Kore XCD Stem
    Kore Mega Handlebar
    Avid BB5 Disc Brakes (None Disc Super V, Converted to Discs front & back with adapter)
    Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26\" x 2.25\" EVO Tires
    26\" WTB Laserdisc FR Wheel Set With XT Hubs
    Selle Royal Respiro Gel Saddle (I love my ass)

    Plans for 2016?
    1: Repaint rear swing arm to Storm Gray Metallic Paint to match things
    2: Maybe? do half of the wheel spoke nipples to red.. red, back,red,black like
    3: Convert wheels and hub to Ceramic Ball Bearings

    I took a risk to save this sweet bike and it worked out well (3rd summer rebuilding and making it better and better).

    Respect goes out to Zack in brooklyn, who is the ultimate bike guru! Taught me how to work on bikes. Thanks also goes out to Junno who helped me a lot with the whole build 3rd summer

    Any one need a P-Bone Shock with new stem and coda handle bar, contact me!

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