SM700 Chameleon.

  • Hi. This is my SM700 which i bought new in 1990. Mine is slightly different from the catalogue because it came with pepperoni forks instead of the Ritchey Logic forks. It has Suntour XCD mech, XCD Xpress shifters with dia combe XCE brakes, with Scott/Mathauser brake pads. The rims are Ritchey Vantage Expert with XCD hubs and Ritchey Megabite Z Max wcs tyres. It has the great colour scheme of black with the lime splatter and an Odyssey Areator seatpost pump, with the only change i made was to fit a Flite saddle. So pretty much as i bought it and is still a great ride....twenty two years old and still going strong.
    Fast forward to 2017 I decided to make a couple of changes. I removed the Onza barends and replaced the XCD Xpress shifters for XC Pro thumb shifters - keeping with the Suntour theme - and some comfortable Ritchey grips ( modern). Now twenty seven years old now...still riding.

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