• I recently bought this on eBay, and fixed it up. I'm apparently at least the third owner. The first owner used this on triathlons, resulting a bunch of energy drink stains all over the top and bottom tube. I think throughout the ownership transfers, parts were removed. Annoyingly, I'm not even sure of whether it is an r1000 or a r900. Ironically, without the model badge, it is impossible to distinguish. Anyways, a lot of parts are from a r900. Shimano 105 all over, with sun mavic rims on both sides. The aero bars were removed by the last owner. Barely any of these are found in the bike community. The local bike shop were awed when I wheeled it in...I'm planning to make this back into a triathlon bike. The bull bars are relevantly new. If anyone has any reproduction \"made in us handmade etc\" stickers for these cannondales, email me.

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