• I found her at a garage sale 3 years ago. He was asking $60. I haggled him down to $35. I could tell that she was ridden for a very short time, and then garaged for a long time. At that time I had A 26\" chrome GT with front suspension. I was initial plan was to get the Cannondale tuned up and make a few bucks off her. But when I got home all I did was apply some Tri-Flow and put some air in the tires, and I took her around the block. I never did ride that GT ever again.
    When I was examining it at the garage sale I noticed some stickers on the backside of the cranks and brake levers that said \"child use\". And it was a 24\". So it never occurred to me that I might like the way it rides and want to keep it for my use. But it sure didn't take long for me to realize it though! What I really liked about it was the way my posture was sitting in it. I say \"sitting in it\" because that is how feels riding it. A lot of times on mountain bikes I feel like I'm over the top too much like a hunchback or something. And also going back to no suspension for the first time since my BMX days was also another plus oil had not factored in.
    Basically since then I have put many many miles on it, and a few weeks ago I got rid of the gears altogether. And put some new levers and cranks on her. And I added some orange to her as well. I would highly recommend this frame as a great fixer upper even for an adult.

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