Maybe M800/M1000/M2000? in Original Polished Alumium

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    Any ideas what this bike is? Owned this bike 20 years. But it is a mystery as to what it is? Converted from a full mountain bike to a more city/road friendly bike in 2001. It has the original Cannondale stickers, the frame has not been stripped and it has high specification original parts, Shimano XT derailers, Shimano LX shifters, Peperoni forks, Shimano XT hubs, Diacomp brakes. It is not a one off, as I have seen (only one of) the same bike in Mainz in Germany in 2014. However, polished alumium is not mentioned in any of the catalouges for 1990/1991/1992 for the M range and whilst the bike has original decals , there is no MXXX stickers. My best guess is that it is either a higher specification M800, M1000 or M2000 for a specific market or a special edition (maybe a display model). Any comments would be welcome....

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